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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Road to Well Being

On Saturday, December 1, there was a Well Being Conference in Second Life, organized by Tina Marlin and Sophianne Rhode.The conference focused on Real Life personal well being, covering all aspects of well being in three major sessions: Body, Mind and Soul. The aim of the organizers was to bring together people from all paths of life to share and discuss their experience and knowledge. Individual speakers talked about their strategy to master life with all its specific problems, what personal well being means to them, and how they reach (or are hoping to reach) this goal.

I spoke in the session on Body - physical health & awareness - on the topic of "Coping with Cancer - a Survivor's Perspective". It was the first time I have talked publicly about my life as a thyroid cancer patient and about how being diagnosed with a recurrence 25 years ago took me on a journey of learning to be more assertive and to participate more actively in my own treatment decisions and care. And then Marissa Goodliffe, Chair of the Caregivers group, spoke about "Coping with Cancer - a Caregiver's Perspective".

We also exhibited there to raise awareness for the Survivor and Caregiver groups and for the American Cancer Society's activities in Second Life.

The conference was very well organised and attended, and it was an excellent networking opportunity. Well done Tina and Sophianne! I hope you will be encouraged by the turn-out and the positive response to put on more events like this.

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