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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Teleport raises awareness for breast cancer

The new Teleport magazine owned by Terrell Merryman and edited by Moonshade Pastorelli decided to feature breast cancer in its October issue.

Moonshade was moved to devote her Editorial to breast cancer because her mother is a BC survivor of 18 years. Quoting from the American Cancer Society's website, she writes: "An estimated 182,460 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to occur in women during 2008; about 1,990 cases are expected in men." She refers readers to Tam Hyun's notecard display on breast self-examination to be found on HealthInfo Island.

Moonshade concludes her article with the words: "Let's all be aware in October and year-round, so we can then celebrate the increasing numbers of breast cancer survivors."

The magazine also includes a contribution from me on "Artistic Fimicoloud - An Inspiration to Breast Cancer Survivors" and three pages of pictures taken on the ACS island and at Fimi's gallery.

Thanks Terrell and Moonshade for raising awareness for this important issue.

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Moonshade Pastorelli said...

Poppy, I am dismayed when I hear that SL "is just a game." It is, rather, a tremendous resource for many. It was such as pleasure to feature National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the October issue of Teleport magazine. The ACS and many others in SL do so much each day to fight the disease, honor survivors and provide resources for prevention and for those who are in the midst of the battle. You all are much admired and appreciated.