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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poppy goes into a flat spin and comes last ...

On Sunday May 17 I took part in my very first Great Snail Race --- proceeds to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life. The race was organized by Racerx (Bunny) Gullwing, and it was the third race this year to benefit RFL.

I was up against the 'big brass' of RFL of SL --- our Event Chair, Fayandria Foley, our Teams Chair, Tayzia Abattoir, and May Rosebud, who is heading up the new Meeters and Greeters team on ACS island. And another survivor friend, LadyKay Gable. In all, 42 snails took to the road, which crosses 42 sims!

Snails lining up for the start

Despite practicing hard and terrorizing the inhabitants of Azure, my skills are still very rudimentary. When the start gun went off I found myself going off the road and it took forever to get back on, by which time the other snails had an impressive lead.

Poppy meets King Kong

The road is full of treacherous "potholes" and at one time I fell right through a bridge, but with a little help from Fay who tp'd me back onto to the road and to Racer for redirecting me when I lost my way I managed to keep in the race.

Where did that bridge go to?

Not far from the finish line my snail went into a flat spin, and while I was sorting myself out Fay and LadyKay both finished. I walked right through the finish line without touching it, and promptly fell into another hole. While I was straightening myself out May Rosebud came up and finished, so I finally finished last! I don't have any pictures unfortunately, I was too busy trying to straighten up! But you can see the whole race, including my flat spin, on

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