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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tribute to Fimi

I had some sad news this weekend. Artistic (Fimi) Fimicoloud - the feisty little pink fox in Second Life and the artist Stephanie Koslow in real life - is facing her last journey. Friends of Fimi have been gathering all weekend to wish her strength, to celebrate her life, and to leave tributes at her gallery in Second Life.

Readers of this blog will remember that Fimi --- a metastatic breast cancer survivor --- was one of the first speakers in our survivor-led 'Fighting Spirit" sessions on ACS island and her talk was an inspiration to us all. See: Art from the Heart . And she has also been an active member of SL's Cancer Survivors and of the Relay For Life of Second Life team Passionate Redheads.

A mutual friend, Rob Chandrayaan, has made a moving tribute to Fimi on his blog. See: Rob's Blog.

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