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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fighting Spirit

Our first support group session in the "Fighting Spirit" series was a success, with Cruiser Gilman leading the discussion and talking about how he fought and won his battle with esophageal cancer, accompanied by his partner Zzeee Zaftig who is also a cancer survivor. So I have hopes that this formula will be a successful one going forward.

We have two sessions already scheduled in November:

Friday November 9 at 2 pm SLT - breast cancer survivor Artistic Fimicoloud will talk about the healing power of art and explain the message and content of her pictures - in the open air exhibition outside the Auditorium. FREE T-shirt for everyone who attends.

Thursday November 29 at 4 pm SLT - Erb Enoch talks about his experience as a male breast cancer patient - this will be in our usual venue, Hope Haven on ACS island.

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