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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Putting the emphasis on early detection

Last week I had a sneak preview of the new Womens Health Clinic at the AMMC-Sprott Shaw college. AMMC - the Ann Myers Medical College - which was created by DoctorAnn Buchanan to test the possibilities of virtual training for Real Life medical and nursing students. I was shown round the womens' health section by Vera Zhaoying who in real life is a 4th year medical student in Holland and who is responsible for much of the build.

The main emphasis of this clinic will be on prevention and early detection. Vera showed me the four terminals in the reception area which in time will be linked to websites dealing with prevention, detection, and support topics. At the moment there are two examination rooms, one for breast and one for the female reproductive organs. The first room we went into is devoted to early detection of breast cancer and contains a mammography unit. (I "touched" the unit and was relieved to discover that it hasn't been completely scripted yet.) More equipment is going to be added, with the idea of expanding in the future to cover general womens health.

There's no doubt that visiting a womens' clinic can be a daunting experience for many of us in Real Life. So as well as being a tool for doctors and nurses in training, I can see the clinic being helpful in educating women about their bodies and the early signs of cancer, and getting familiarity with the various tests and instruments.

Dr Elspet Glasgow will be heading up the clinic.

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