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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

American Cancer Society Opening Ceremony in Second Life

Here's a few pictures and a round-up of some of the great write-ups we had for the opening ceremony of the American Cancer Society in Second Life on Sunday, September 23 and which I helped organize. Unfortunately, I had one of those SL things happen to me, my mic wouldn't work so the readings I was scheduled to give were taken over by my SL friend and soulmate, Synergy Devonshire, who is a fellow-survivor and is Publicity Chair for SL's Relay For Life 2008 among the many hats that she juggles at the moment.

During the ceremony people were able to light luminaria around the sim in honor of survivors and in memory of friends and family who have passed. And some of the survivors and caregivers read their own poetry and stories. We walked along the lit paths in silence to the music generously donated for performance during the event by some of SL's foremost musicians. Then the mood changed to one of celebration and hope, with a glorious fashion show, gala ball, and spectacular fireworks at the finish.

And did I mention that the sim crashed? Well, it did. It's disappointing when that happens although of course some would say that it's a sign of a successful event...

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